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PixelProtector 4K UHD Screen Washes Only Download

PixelProtector “screen wash technology” is used to re-calibrate pixel intensity levels uniformly and keep your HD TV image looking good over the years to come.

PixelProtector will recalibrate pixels uniformly and remove any residual effects that may have occurred.

TV channels that have a static logo permanently on the screen have a real negative effect on plasma and LCD TV’s. Pixels begin to memorize this image, when you switch over you can still see the logo in the form of a shadow. After about ten minuets it will disappear. If 99% of the shadow has gone you will not notice the 1% that remains. It is the continual build up of the small 1%’s that is called residual effect. It’s build up over months and even years will in time lessen the picture quality of you panel. 

PixelProtector Screen Wash's can remove burn inn and any residual effects that remain in your screen. In other words it re-calibrates the pixels by removing any memory they may have. Use the tools every 3 months and you will keep your panel’s picture looking good.

Like anything regular maintenance and servicing is better then waiting until the damage is significant. If you had a new carpet fitted in you house you would naturally vacuum it and have it professionally cleaned to keep it looking good over the years. In the same way you should keep your pixels looking good by using screen wash technology by PixelProtector.