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PixelProtector screen calibration and screen burn removal tool

Introducing PixelProtector

PixelProtector is a DVD & Blu-ray based premium screen calibration and screen burn removal tool for all types of LCD, LED, Plasma and Projection TV screens.

If you own a large flat screen TV and you're serious about achieving optimum performance from your television and you want to preserve the life of your TV set, then PixelProtector is for you!

PixelProtector is packed full of features that will ensure your television is correctly calibrated to give the sharpest and most colourful image your TV has to offer. With the latest in Plasma, LED & LCD Set-up tools you can be sure to get a crisper picture.

Screen burn repair

"Our vast knowledge in Plasma, LCD, LED and DLP technologies has brought about the development of PixelProtector DVD & Blu Ray.

PixelProtector is at the forefront of calibrating and maintaining flat screen technologies. As customer's needs change, we endeavor to maintain our leadership and to develop cutting-edge products. We adopt a time-to-market policy so that customers are the first to take advantage of every new and successful development made by our team. This is our cutting-edge to competitive-edge strategy - First in the field so that you are first to benefit!"

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