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Pixel drop outs are one of the most frustrating of issues for anyone who has an LCD or LED screen.
When a screen suffers from pixel drop it can be fixed in some occasions. If the whole pixel is dead then nothing can be done to fix this. If one wave length has gone in the pixel i.e. blue. This can in some cases this can be fixed by recalibrating pixel color production using PixelProtector DVD or Blu-ray.

 We have a 4 in 10 chance of fixing the problem. The DVD will highlight if the whole pixel is dead or if one wave length has gone. One of the biggest issues LCD’s have is producing pure black. LCD panels produce a pure white light and then subtract the colors that are not required. So to produce black is difficult, making sure that you first calibrate its black and white setting is essential to minimize this issue and get the best from your panel PixelProtector™ includes specific tests and adjustment screens for this purpose.
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PixelProtector DVD V2
PixelProtector DVD V3
List Price: £39.95
Our Price: £19.95
You save £20.00!

PixelProtector is a DVD based premium screen diagnostic and calibration tool for all types of LCD, plasma, LED and projection TV screens.
PixelProtector Blu-Ray
PixelProtector Blu-Ray V2.1
List Price: £49.95
Our Price: £24.95
You save £25.00!

A revelation in screen set-up and maintenance. Enhance your HDTV’s picture to it maximum.
No other Blu-Ray disc offers full calibration and pixel fix solutions like PixelProtector Blu-Ray.